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  • SACS – Structural Analysis Computer System
  • RTLS – Real Time Locating Systems (fire alarm, nurse call, child abduction, etc)
  • Specialized equipment for computing, input, and output (healthcare tablets, printers, scanners, barcoding, RF-ID (Radio Frequency Identification), POS (Point of Sale), Audiovisuals, collaborative work, Telemedicine, etc.)
  • HIS (Health Information Systems)
  • LIS (Laboratory Information Systems)
  • RIS (Radiology Information Systems)
  • PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System)
  • AD (Advanced Design)
  • O&M (Operations & Maintenance)
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Medical Insurance & Claims Processing
  • Medial Education, Simulation Systems
  • Systems Integration (HL7 – Health Level 7) Enabled
  • Complete Solutions Provision and Project Management
  • Medical Diagnostic equipment