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Seasoned Sales, Presales and Support Engineers holding a wealth of certifications from the Vendors are always ready to study the needs of the customers, deliver the adequate products, install them and insure the after sales support.

Services: Expertise across Service Providing

  • 2000 Certifications enabling seamless integration of a combination of technology and comprehensive solutions regardless of the industry.
Front End Devices
High-Value Creator:

  • A continuous training system keeps our teams constantly updated on the newest technologies and offers our customers the highest level of technical expertise.
    CIS has more than 623 professionals and engineers who hold over 2000 certifications from our Strategic Partners & Alliances.
Information Technology Meeting in front of a screen of ITOM

  • Logistical support of 4 regional centers across Europe and Africa Levant
  • Focused marketing and sales activities
Geographic Coverage

  • 40 entities across Africa, Levant, and Europe
  • Commitment to Quality