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Marketing Coordinator


Beirut, Lebanon

Monday- Friday: 08:30 to 06:00 PM (On-site)


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Full Time

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Deadline : 01 December, 2023


1 year or more of relevant work experience


T Services and IT Consulting company located in Jal El Dib is looking for a Marketing Coordinator.


Marketing Coordinator Responsibilities:

Digital Online Activities:

In-house preparation, production and launch of :

  • Webinars using marketing automation tool ( Hub spot)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing campaigns
  • Banners, landing pages, e-mail layouts, content, calls to action


Coordination with an agency for:

  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Coordination and communication with concerned BDMs, entities, vendors


On the field Activities:

Coordination for the participation in Exhibitions and supplier events

Organization of field events from A to Z:

  • Choice of locations
  • Preparation of material (brochures, digital content of presentations, posters, etc.)
  • Logistics
  • Selection of activities and choice of stakeholders (keynote speaker, participants, welcoming staff)
  • Invitations to participants

Collecting proofs of events and evaluation forms for the follow up with Vendors financed events

Corporate Marketing Activities and Shared Services for Business Units

In-house Content Creation and Artworks:

  • Updating Group Brochure
  • Updating Group Presentation
  • Preparation ad hoc presentations for special events
  • Ads creation using Graphic design and photo editing tools
  • Other Marketing Tasks

Coordination with Suppliers for the production of:

  • Letterheads
  • Seal
  • Business Cards
  • Roll up for special events
  • Envelopes


Administration and accounting

  • Purchase orders/invoices/credit notes generation on ERP for marketing activities
  • Suppliers follow up


Job Responsibilities

Ops Management & Quality Control

·       Strategy

o  Develop and manage the master marketing plan aligned to the organization’s sales priorities and industry best practices – Sources: Vendor Marketing Plans and CIS Marketing Plan

o  Maximize amount of received Vendor MDF

o  Manage campaign costs to adhere to the marketing department budgets.

o  Oversee, analyze, and report marketing activities for their ROI and Impact

o  Develop a long-term plan for the development of CIS’s brand across all regions and countries.

o  Prepare all communications and materials for the proper implementation of marketing activities.

·       Accounting & Finance

o  Profit and Loss Control – Marketing Department as a Cost and source of revenue

o  Accountability of MDF process from spend through claim to credit allocation at the ultimate destination.

·       Management

o  Plan, execute, and evaluate multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive lead generation and customer acquisition.

o  Working closely with the creative, marketing and sales teams to create advertising campaigns and promotions.

o  Collecting, Analyzing and Acting on data on market trends and customer/partners buying habits to guide marketing efforts.

o  Using research, tools and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Marketing Operations


·       SharePoint Online and MS Teams as an internal communication platform and structured content

·       Working with a cross departmental team, maintain and develop the master content & events calendar.

·       Communicate upcoming activities via teams & SharePoint.


·       Coordinate across departments to improve traffic quality and lead acquisition.

·       Improve conversion rates and the overall digital consumer experience.

·       Blog Posts per Vertical/Industry



Master Data Management

·       Clean and Efficient Marketing Lists Segmentation per country, End customer/Partner, per language preference, per vendor with monthly consolidation

·       Partner Program Data is consolidated in Sage/MDM

·       Use Market Analysis (+ Positioning/Competition Analysis) to enhance Sage and MDM

Demand Generation

·       Enable Account Based Marketing that delivers Sales Qualified End Customer Leads


·       Internal & external Branding Roll out and maintenance.

·       Ensure all content is updated, edited, proofread and properly versioned.

·       Maintain a consistent look, feel, and tone throughout all assets (Digital & Physical)

Integrated Campaigns

·       Plan and manage our social media platforms.

o  LinkedIn

o  Instagram

o  WhatsApp

o  Facebook

o  Twitter/Threads and any new Social Media Platforms that apply.

·       Contribute to web, SEO/SEM, email, and display/search advertising campaigns.

·       Define and monitor campaign key performance indicators and their targets.

·       Coordinate with technology and user experience teams to improve marketing results from digital products.

·       Accountable for the end-to-end process of our email engagements/campaigns and search/display advertising campaigns. Measurement against goals (ROI/KPIs)

·       Evaluate customer research, market conditions & competitor data and share the information with the local teams to design the sales promotion strategy per region/country.