End-to-End Commitment

The execution of IT projects goes along with service offerings, before, during, and after the project.


Audit and Consultancy

In close collaboration with the customer’s general management and IT department, CIS consultants carry out a meticulous analysis of the customer’s needs. Consultancy, conducted independently of manufacturers, covers platforms, networks, and solutions.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies in the market, CIS consultants are able to propose the best possible solutions. Consultancy services can be conducted in conjunction with audit services. An «environment and infrastructure» audit allows CIS to conduct a preliminary analysis of the existing network and infrastructure as an initial step. It can be followed by a «security» audit aimed at reinforcing the security policy of the enterprise’s IT environment and systems.


Deployment and Integration

CIS has the necessary expertise to carry out a partial or complete implementation of software and hardware, regardless of the complexity. Therefore, CIS can ensure that the deployment and integration of projects meet the schedules; set in terms of deadlines, costs, and service standards. These operations are overseen by project managers who define the installation, follow the quality control procedures, and coordinate the tasks of all stakeholders.


Maintenance and Technical Assistance

CIS provides maintenance and technical assistance services to accompany the suggested solutions, update the software/hardware on the servers or workstations, fix or repair a server, install new software, and more.
These services are available with various maintenance and installation options, starting from simple telephone assistance to the repair of highly complex systems within a fixed-time interval, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. This is supplemented by immediate on-site support and advanced management of spare parts stocks.



As part of its professional services, CIS supplies organizations with contract engineers with specific skills, for limited periods of time. CIS is equipped to take over specific IT functions within organizations that prefer outsourcing.


High-Value Creator – Highly Certified Team

A continuous training system keeps our teams constantly updated on the newest technologies and offers our customers the highest level of technical expertise.

CIS has more than 2000 certifications as well as 500 professionals and certified in: HPE, HP Inc., Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Genesys, Siebel, Fujitsu, Dell EMC, Avaya and VEEAM.