The value and volume distribution channel’s success is clearly linked to the success of its partners. Therefore, to help them achieve and even exceed their objectives, their teams work closely with them in the planning and development of their strategies. The support provided to the trade, technical and marketing levels, illustrates the added value brought to the channel.


Matching Products with Markets

Partnering with resellers to maximize the value of their activity consists of offering products that rightly meet their needs in their respective markets. An excellent knowledge of the distribution network enables the distribution channel to anticipate the requirements of its resellers, and to offer them the latest and most suitable models from the product lines requested by end-users.


Channel Training

CIS Group distribution Channel provides its resellers with all necessary product training, both commercial and technical, resulting in the transfer of skills. This is, ultimately, key to the satisfaction of the end-user.


Dedicated Channel Marketing

The distribution channel takes part in targeted programs, co-financed by the vendor and the reseller. These programs include product launches, information seminars, exhibitions, product collateral and support to resellers in their advertising campaigns.


Pre-Sales and After-Sales Services

Sales support and Technical support are offered by the channel when the need arises, and can help partners solve sales and technical issues, related to product specifications, pricing, or post-sale end-user problems.