Solve this Riddle!

John the IT officer noticed last Friday that several computers needed updating. He arranged with each user to upgrade his computer this week. He planned a full day for each computer.
Give the full name of each user, his/her department, operating system (windows/apple), and which day of the week John worked on his computer.


1. The Windows users are, in no particular order, the user who works in finance, Mr. Almond, and Robert.
2. The computer that John took on Wednesday belongs to an Apple user.
3. Dan’s last name isn’t Crane but he works in customer service. Mr. Smith doesn’t work in manufacturing.
4. Mr. Prince’s Apple computer was taken the day before Edward’s Windows computer but two days after the computer in marketing, which isn’t Robert’s computer.
5. Mr. Crane, whose first name isn’t Edward, does not work in engineering.
6. Mario’s computer was taken on Tuesday but he doesn’t work in marketing. The engineering computer was taken on Friday but James Bourne isn’t the user.

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