The group of companies operating for the value and volume business is spread across European, Middle-Eastern, and African markets, and is specialized in the distribution of high-technology products.

Established in 1994, the distribution channel has since experienced steady growth, alongside a sustained geographical expansion and a significant increase in its local and regional operations. The regional hubs of the distribution business include “Levant Distribution” and “Hiperdist Information Technology Trading” in Dubai, as well as “Interdist Alliances” in the United Kingdom. These hubs support the channel partners across the countries covered by the group.


The local distribution entities are denominated “Hiperdist”, “Superdist”, and “Hiperdist Alliances. The objective of our distribution business, is to become the distributor of choice in each market we cover for our partners, suppliers, and resellers. Traditional dealers, corporate resellers, systems integrators, local distributors, value-added resellers and retailers, can all rely on our companies to fulfill their requirements.


The success of these companies lies in their core assets:
• The quality, reliability and range of products supplied from leading international brands
• A deep knowledge of the different markets and a wide coverage of the territories
• A high level of logistical support, guaranteeing partners and their end-users fast product delivery, competitive pricing, and first-class after-sales services
• Rigorous financial management that allows the distribution channel to finance its continuous growth, and to offer its partners the stability necessary for the development of long-term relationships.