Presentation of HP PPS Catalog

On the 20th of January 2016, CIS CI held an event at the Tiama Hotel in Ivory Coast to introduce and present the new HP PPS 2016 Catalog.
Five speakers were in charge of presenting the Catalog; starting with the introduction and strategic vision of CIS CI and the presentation of CIS West Africa.
The presentation displayed different models of HP supplies and their benefits in terms of cost vs. production capacity; while highlighting the importance of anti-counterfeiting.

The event also covered the following topics:
-Introduction of the HP ACF Program
-How to help identify suspicious products
-Presentations on HP printers, the innovations and new technologies along with HP Printers’ various solutions that meet customers’ needs
-Definition of a workstation and why we need to have one
-Introduction of HP Desktop workstations and new innovations of 2016, the HP mobile workstation new line up 2016, and High Performance Screens.