Oracle Corner

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things will provide enterprises with more-valuable information about their products, how they perform, and how they are being used. This information will drive insights into what they need to support the development of new products, services, and business models which enables businesses to deliver innovative new services faster than their competitors, with less risk.

Businesses can make new development paths through transmission and conveyance. Oracle’s IoT arrangement upgrades the stream of data, enhances resource execution, builds energy effectiveness,
and improves client benefit. Hence, companies can safely connect, study, and incorporate ongoing IoT information between associated devices and their inner applications.

Transform Your Business with Oracle IoT
• Reliably and securely collect data from devices
• Standardize integration of devices with the enterprise
• Perform real-time, big data, and predictive analytics on IoT streams and events
• Extend enterprise applications & processes with IoT data
• Allow enterprise and mobile applications to control devices

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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud is a complete planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that enables large, medium, and small companies to rapidly adopt world-class planning applications, improving forecast accuracy with minimal IT resources.

With Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud there is no need for training as it is user-friendly and it includes built-in starter kits, online help, and tutorials. Also, reports are quickly created with intuitive user interface and full excel integration.

Key Business Benefits:
• No hardware or IT investments
• Fully customizable and owned by Lines of Business
• Migration from disconnected planning tools and spreadsheets
• Multiple environments and global data centers for deployment
• Seamless monthly patching
• Low cost and time to implement
• Customization of solutions to your specific business need

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