Oracle Corner

Oracle Talent Management

Oracle Talent Management Cloud is used for managing personnel in a company.
It offers value from the recruitment phase, to the hiring and retaining of talents. The Cloud saves time to hire employees through end-to-end recruiting and helps streamline the new hire on boarding process. It also helps in enhancing performance management with nonstop discussions on objectives, arrangement, and training.
Oracle TMC fosters personnel and provides them with a modern learning experience to drive higher performance levels and management.
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Oracle Social Cloud

The Oracle Social Cloud is a leading social engagement and monitoring platform that is used to improve Customer Relationship Management.
This solution captures what customers are saying about an industry by filtering and categorizing their feedback.

Whenever there is a social conversation that affects a certain industry, a company can redirect participants to the right team and make progress. Oracle SC allows organizations to discover the latest insights and trends from a simple interface just to improve their social efficiency.
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