Objection Handling in Sales

When a customer says “No”, in most of the cases he/she has an objection to the deal.

How do you define an objection?

When the customer says “I can’t buy” instead of “I don’t want to buy”, you can safely assume he only has an objection.
An objection means you are just steps away from the customer’s “Yes”

How do you handle an objection?

• L is to listen well before you want to offer any solutions right away
• D is to determine whether you have understood what you have heard by repetition and re-phrasing
• I is to investigate further to get to the root of the problem avoiding the temptation to offer a solution in a hurry
• R is to respond having understood well and offering an response after proper coordination

You close the sales when you step over the final objection.
Happy Selling!