Life Abroad with Hiperdist Information Technology Trading

In 2015, CIS Group decided to launch Hiperdist Gulf and host a team in Dubai (Middle East region) with the following objectives:
-Central product support to the volume entities for the distribution business in Africa
-Being closer to vendors like HP Inc., HPE, Avaya, Lenovo, Dell, and APC to allow quicker response
-Growing footprints in Africa by developing business for East and Southern Africa
-Developing Middle East business by engaging brands specific to that region
-Providing logistics and hub level support for the various entities of the CIS Group via Jebel Ali

To achieve the above, Hiperdist Gulf now has a strong motivated and competent team of 17 members based in Dubai and a warehouse in Jebel Ali to handle all the logistics.
In the near future around 20 brands are going to be added to the portfolio to improve the offerings to the addressable channel in the Middle East and Africa.