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HPE Business Service Management

With the explosion in mobile applications, cloud computing adoption, and generation of 3.6 ZB of data in a day, IT Operations deals with increasingly complex IT infrastructure and its associated Operations Data. Thus, driven by the need to drive a rich end-user experience, the cost of failure is very high for any business.

The HPE Business Service Management (BSM) solution gives IT organizations the ability to integrate network, server, application, service & business transaction monitoring, and event management for comprehensive bottom-up, top-down performance management. By connecting business services to underlying infrastructure and applications, BSM enables IT organizations to pinpoint and resolve service outages with the most impact, resulting in better quality of services at a lower cost to the business.
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HPE IT Service Management

This service helps harness big data to accelerate ITIL-driven service delivery, improve user experience, and lower service desk costs:

Faster Service. Better Experience. Lower Costs.
With HPE ITSM Automation, you can speed up service delivery while making the experience more satisfying for end-users and IT staff alike – so you can pick up the pace of key business initiatives.
Also, HPE’s ITIL-based services are easy to access and use, configuration & deployment takes minutes rather than hours, and administration & maintenance tasks are simple and fast.
Best of all, you will be able to harness big data to provide insight, deliver knowledge, and identify trends.

Leave the High Costs and Frustration of Traditional ITSM Behind
Transform the excessive costs and frustrations of traditional ITSM into more productive and satisfied users, lower IT costs, and tighter IT control. An investment in HPE ITSM turns service delivery into a source of competitive advantages and business value.

The Business Value of HPE ITSM Automation
Investing in HPE ITSM Automation turns your service delivery into a source of competitive advantage and business value.