HITT deals won in Mozambique and Angola

Post receiving the contract for Southern Africa, for HPE, the channel community has aligned well with Hiperdist Information Technology Trading especially in Mozambique and Angola, resulting in the execution of orders amounting to more than $750,000.

Hiperdist Information Technology Trading expect the same growth in Botswana and Namibia in the coming quarters.

Some of the end-user deals from different sectors are stated below:
-Catoca Mining Society Lda. (Largest Diamond Company in Angola)
-Ministério da Economia (Ministry of Economy in Angola)
-Banco Económico
-Chevron (Multinational Gas and Oil Corporation in Angola)
-Banco de Moçambique (Central Bank of Mozambique)
-Escola Nacional de Aeronautica (National Aeronautics School of Mozambique)
-Fundo de Energia (Public Institution in Mozambique) and Vale Mocambique S.A (Global Mining Company in Mozambique)