Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say


bsl Mr. Mrad Mrad, the Chief Information Officer at BSL Bank, has been a loyal partner to CIS for the past 30 years. In his own words, the CIO said: “I’ve been dealing with CIS professionals at all levels during my career. They are not merely suppliers, but close partners”.
Mr. Mrad also spoke about the credibility of CIS, where the group delivers products on time and at at cost-effective prices. He is particularly very impressed with CIS engineers who are innovative and always up-to-date on technology.
“…I am hoping for a long fruitful partnership with CIS, since dealing with this group creates an efficient IT environment, and their valuable services show high levels of training and professionalism” stated Mr. Mrad.


byblos bank logo Joy Khalife, the senior officer of IT, Finance & Procurement at Byblos Bank, has been a loyal partner of CIS for the past ten years. His high expectations were always met and he is mainly impressed with CIS’ marketing strategy which is far better than competitors’, as per Mr. Khalife. “…CIS offers the best prices accompanied by impeccable services”, said the Byblos Bank Senior IT officer.
The latter also mentioned that he considers CIS a consultant, not just a supplier, due to high degrees of professionalism in delivering IT solutions.
Regarding the value of partnering with CIS, Mr. Khalife states: “…It was and still is a great experience to work with CIS Group”.


Mrad Mrad

Joy Toufic Khalife