Free Balance is a global provider of software solutions for public financial management (PFM). PFM is an essential part of the international development process. FreeBalance solutions support government modernization, fiscal decentralization, and public finance reform across all levels of government.

The FreeBalance Accountability Suite is a commercial off-the-shelf, Government Resource Planning Solution. FreeBalance software is available in web-based and client-server configurations. The FreeBalance GRP solution is implemented by activating functionality options through software configuration code customization.

FreeBalance provides government-optimized, compact, and easily sustainable software that was designed for government and can easily be adapted to any country context or level of government.

Advantages include:
Proven Technology:

The most widely used financial software across the Government of Canada. Robust technology with more than 25 years of successful implementations in governments around the world.

Programmed for Government: 

No customization required. Quick configuration to specific country context. Free Balance software is optimized for public finance, with fiscal controls and government financial management rules built into the main code of the software.

Progressive Activation:

Key for government self-reliance, post-implementation software sustainability, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Free Balance solutions can be scaled down to basic capability for fast initial implementation and then gradually scaled up. Features and functionality are activated by selecting configuration options and adding budget controls over time.

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