Financial Sector

    CIS has developed partnerships with market leader vendors to provide software and hardware solutions to Banks, insurance companies and other institutions in the financial sector. We are able to offer technical and functional consultancy and to design the right IT environment with the adequate financial business solution:


    • Core Banking
    • RTGS and Mass Clearing
    • Electronic Payment Systems
    • Corporate, Retail & Private Banking
    • Mobile Banking Platform
    • Internet Banking
    • Customer Experience (Customer Insight, Document Automation, etc.)
    • Business Transaction Processing
    • Profitability Management
    • Compliance & Governance

    • Asset Liability Management
    • Risk Management
    • Fraud Management
    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • KYC/CDD
    • FATCA
    • Electronic Signature
    • ATM/POS Switching
    • Credit Card Management System
    • Mobile Payment



    Telecom Sector

    CIS portfolio of solutions to Telco operators and service providers, is a selection of best-of-breed solutions adding intelligence to fixed, mobile and converged communications to increase revenue, reduce network costs and improve subscriber quality of experience in an optimum secured environment.


    • Traffic Management
    • Deep Packet Inspection
    • TCP-Accelerator
    • PCRF, Diameter Router, STP
    • Number Portability
    • Equipment Identity Register (EIR)
    • API Manager, IVR
    • Location-Based Services
    • SIM Management

    • VAS Consolidation with NFV
    • Fraud Management
    • Customer Care
    • Convergent Billing
    • Activation, Collection, Mediation Interconnect
    • Value-Added Solutions (Collect Call, SMS, MMS, USSD, Gateway, Logos, Ringtones, etc.)
    • Customer Experience
    • Incident Management Solutions


    Public Sector

    State, Local, and Federal Governmental agencies are all looking towards the « digitization of everything » similar to the private sector. Thanks to its innovated portfolio, CIS is providing solutions to help Government IT departments to deliver services to their internal users and external citizens, and to help the latter interact with their government.


    • Integrated Financial Management
    • Identification (Passports, Identity Cards, and Biometric Recognition)
    • Treasury Electronic Payment
    • Port & Airport

    • Management Systems and Utilities Billing
    • Next Generation Emergency
    • Calling Operation Rooms
    • Real-Time Statistics.

    Health Care Sector

    CIS-Healthcare provides a complete line of services and solutions to address the needs of healthcare institutions:

    • Healthcare technology consulting and Design services
    • Technology infrastructure (Data Centers, LAN, MAN, WAN for Healthcare
    • Low Current Systems (SACS, RTLS, Fire alarm, BMS, nurse call, child abduction…)
    • Specialized Computers and peripherals (healthcare tablets, printers, scanners, barcoding, RFID, POS, Audiovisuals,…)
    • Software solutions (HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS/CPACS, Telemedicine, ERP, Asset Management, Document Management, Archiving Solutions, AD, Security, O&M, Healthcare Analytics, Medical Insurance and Claims Processing, Medical Education and Simulation Systems, Pharmaceutical Industry…)
    • Systems Integration (HL7 enabled complete solutions provision and Project Management)


    Energies and Utilities Sector

    Our technical capabilities and knowledge of the market, as well as our partnership with global leaders in the areas of automation systems, communication solutions and metering infrastructure enable us to provide integrated solutions:


    • Geographical Information Systems
    • Metering Systems
    • Leak Detection Systems
    • Supervisory Control and Acquisition Data
    • Distributed Control System
    • Integrated Process Management

    • Operations Control
    • Real-Time Solutions for control at the edge of the network
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Billing



    Enterprise Business Solutions

    Every business has unique processes and needs, regardless of the industry and size, but ultimately, every business needs technology with comprehensive business functionality that ties the entire enterprise together, connecting all the moving parts and providing better visibility into operations. CIS software solutions are selected with deeps functional fit built in, but they are also highly customizable to align even more closely with your unique business needs:


    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Human Capital Management
    • Asset Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Research and Exploration Software
    • Infrastructure Management Systems

    • Database Performance/Tuning and Replication Solutions
    • Middleware and Collaboration
    • Document Management Solutions
    • Big Data Solutions
    • Analytics with Real-Time Reporting
    • Enterprise Content Management