ETS-Lindgren is an innovator of systems and components for the detection, measurement and management of electromagnetic, magnetic, and acoustic energy. The company adapts new technologies and applies proven engineering principles to create value-added solutions for customers.


ETS management is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) to control the processes that determine the quality and acceptability of the products they supply; and implement them by: Quality Planning, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement activities.


ETS Lindgren policies identify the necessary elements requisite for proper operation of ETS’s quality practices and business processes; and are consistent with all other policies within the organization.


With solutions for MRI shielding, Health and Safety, Medical Testing, RF Microwave, Wireless, EMC, Defense, Automotive, and Acoustics, ETS-Lindgren is the leading anechoic chambers supplier worldwide with unique and unmatched design & manufacturing capabilities covering shield, absorbers, filters, radio leakage test equipment, accessories, antennas, etc. ETS-Lindgren also provides turnkey test systems for a wide range of applications including all RF instrumentation.

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