Employee Induction Plan

The Employee Induction is the essential program that bonds the basis between CIS Group and the newly recruited employee; where he/she is given an introduction about CIS Group and its culture, values, and ethics.

The objective is to ensure that the new recruit is professionally welcomed by the group, and is provided with the essential materials that help him/her have a smooth adaptation within the environment.

The main purpose of this procedure is to support new employees when they first join, and to help them become fully integrated into the company.

Induction Chart

Phase 1: It starts as soon as the candidate accepts the job offer

The HRBP kicks off the induction procedure; then related departments (IT Support, HR, and Hiring Department) are notified about the new joiner’s start date, and what’s needed in order for his/her workstation to be ready on the first day of joining the group.

Phase 2: This phase starts upon the arrival and the new comer’s first week

The direct manager meets with the employee to go through his/her “Induction Training Plan” and give him/her a site tour. HRC is responsible of following up on the Induction plan.

Phase 3: Probation Period (PB)

The HRBP will holds a meeting with the hired employee and his/her direct manager at the end of each month. Before completing the probation period, and based on HOD’s final feedback, the employee is notified whether he/she has passed or failed the probation.