To stay close to its markets, the Group’s distribution channel has been designed as a three-department organization, comprised of two central entities, four regional logistic centers, and 27 local companies.

1. Centralized Purchasing Structure:

Interdist and Districom
Based in Beirut, these companies centralize purchasing, manage supplier relationships, and set the Group’s marketing policy.

2. Regional Logistic Centers:

Afrique Distribution, IT4 Africa, Interdist Alliances, Levant Distribution and Hiperdist Information Technology Trading
The presence of regional centers ensures a smooth flow of goods to their countries of destination. Present in regional air, road, and maritime hubs, these centers provide high quality service to their respective markets:
• Afrique Distribution based in France (Tours) covering French overseas departments and territories, North, West, and Central Africa
• IT4 Africa is based in South Africa (Johannesburg) covering Southern Africa
• Interdist Alliances is based in the United Kingdom (London) covering Levant and Africa
• Levant Distribution is based in the UAE (Dubai) covering Near-East & East Africa
• Hiperdist Information Technology Trading is based in UAE (Dubai)

3. Local entities:

Hiperdist, Hiperdist Alliances, Hiperdist Information Technology Trading, and Interdist Alliances
The mission of local entities is to meet clients’ daily needs through good coverage and immediate availability of the best selling products. This presence at the heart of markets enables the distribution channel to play a vital partnership role. Moreover, all these local entities are able to ensure that both the customers’ pre-sales and post-sales technical support needs are satisfied through its established resellers’ coverage.