With over 800 employees spanning across 32 countries, CIS team is the leader in the Information Technology sector, with a global network of experts who offer the best services and products.
CIS is proud to be an Equal Employer Opportunity gathering talented and brilliant employees from diverse backgrounds with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for a work culture where expertise, excellence, flexibility and adaptability, are valued and our job openings may be a chance for you.

Learning and Development:

We welcome & support people from diverse educational, geographic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives and we develop talents by identifying strengths, gaps and challenges and by encouraging employees to bridge those gaps through:

  • -Continuous Learning and Development that enables them to enhance their skills, expertise, and experience. This includes Internal Trainings, External Trainings and On-Job Trainings.

  • -Career Development Plans where their full potential is explored through assignments, missions and promotions across the entire group companies, countries and specializations.
    Moreover, outstanding performance is always rewarded either by career advancement, or additional incentives & benefits.

  • -Leadership Programs which allow the employees to increase their managerial skills, to be promoted to a supervisory/managerial level, to manage and develop their teams, and to accomplish their objectives.

Job Categories within CIS:

  • -Pre-Sales, Sales, Product Management, Business Development.

  • -Technical Support Engineering (CCE – Network, Hardware, Software), Information Technology, Programing & Development, Technical Maintenance & Repair.
  • -Marketing, Graphic Design, Legal, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Internal Auditing, Administration, Logistics, Stock Keeping.

Internship Program:

CIS gives undergraduate students the opportunity to experience the work environment and earn practical experience to better understand their majors’ curriculum.
CIS assesses each intern that participates in the internship program and offers the serious and talented candidates the opportunity to be members of its family.