Technology Expertise

CIS teams are organized around the following technical interacting poles:


CIS Group presents all its clients with a coherent approach required for the build-up of a true roadmap in the field of New Technology of Information and Communication (NTIC). This roadmap provides executives and operational managers with the capacity to understand, discover, align & control information; and nurture its development at the enterprise level.



In the era of the Internet, networks allow enterprises to be open to their clients, suppliers, and partners. On the other hand, Service Suppliers’ Networks (fixed telephone operators, mobile telephone operators, ISP, ASP…) create integrated and modern architectures that allow the combination of many multimedia connectivity services of different natures along the same physical connection. Through its strategic partnership with Cisco, Avaya and HPE, CIS Group designs Company Network Infrastructures (LAN, WAN, MAN, Voice over IP, Wireless Networks, and Traffic Security on all levels). It also designs Operators’ Networks (Internet, MPLS, public WiFi, WiMAX) by using the latest voice and data transport technologies, as well as installing storage networks in place.



The continued evolution of the threat landscape has enabled individuals and groups to launch orchestrated attacks on an organization’s infrastructure for criminal or political gain. Hackers now use a wealth of methods to infect hosts and control compromised systems through organized attacks and malwares.
Traditional security measures are not enough anymore, that’s why CIS is proposing a range of security solutions covering all the layers of your infrastructure, from endpoint level, passing by the network, application, and database and finishing at the identity level.
In addition, we propose to our customers a broad range of security services to help them audit their infrastructure, identify the risk and comply with the different regulations.


Enterprises’ information processing needs are numerous and they vary in quality. CIS provides the best software solutions using the latest technologies to meet its clients’ expectations. These horizontal and vertical solutions are designed to fit perfectly within the enterprise’s current systems.