Since its inception in 1984, Cisco the number one Cyber Security company, has been a leader in the development of Internet Protocol IP-based networking technologies.

Cisco enables people to make powerful connections – whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity.

CIS is a strategic partner of Cisco throughout Africa and the Middle East. The group has demonstrated progressive advanced experience in the sales, implementation, and support of Cisco solutions.

CIS is a Cisco Premier Certified Partner and has achieved this status by investing and by training highly-qualified technical and sales teams to develop critical expertise in advanced Cisco technologies; and to offer companies:

-Solutions: Access to more comprehensive technical sales, techniques, training services and resources that help Cisco partners to sell, deliver, and maintain Cisco solutions. Cisco’s Added Value Solutions offered by CIS are represented by the combination of expertise, a portfolio of offered resources, and unique services.

-Proven Technical Expertise: Due to the maintenance of multiple technological specializations required for Premier certification, CIS may integrate technologies to provide more sophisticated solutions for company needs.

-Focus on Client Satisfaction: Thanks to direct access to the Customers’ assessment that Cisco uses to evaluate its own performance, partners may identify strengths and elaborate focused plans to meet with the company’s needs.

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