CIS is now a Sandvine Select Partner!

CIS is now a Sandvine Select Partner for DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) & Traffic Management.

CIS Group has been a Sandvine Partner since 2012. This partnership has lead to quite a few success stories (Algerie Telecom, Orange RDC, Telkom Kenya, MTN Business Kenya).
Sandvine’s Network Policy Control Solutions help CIS add intelligence to fixed, mobile and Converged Communications Service Provider Networks to enable services that can increase revenue and reduce network costs. Powered by Sandvine’s Policy Engine and SandScript Policy Language, Sandvine’s networking equipment performs end-to-end Policy Control Functions including Traffic Classification and Policy Decision & Enforcement across the data, control and business planes.

CIS also offers Sandvine products which provide actionable Business Insight and the ability to deploy new subscriber services, as well as tools that optimize traffic while enhancing subscriber Internet quality of experience.
Along with Sandvine, CIS can now deliver Insightful Business Intelligence resulting in increased revenue and reduced costs.

VMware and Hiperdist Alliances Iftar Dinner

An Iftar dinner was held at the Four Seasons Hotel – Casablanca, Morocco, on June 19th, 2017. The dinner was organized by VMware and Hiperdist Alliances and it included a brief seminar to discuss VMware NSX ans vSAN updates. The event began with an introduction and a display of recent launches. Then, the organizers tackled the idea of increasing companies’ profitability through the Partnership Program & Promotion, which guaranties win-win situations for all parties involved. Afterwards, the speakers gave an overview on EUC & Airwatch, which positions VMware strongly in the Mobile-Cloud Computing Space and grants the company an advantage to integrate End-User Computing with applications hosted on computers as well as smartphones and tablets. In the last topic, VMware and Hiperdist Alliances gave participants an update on their latest promotions and the recent HCI bundle. After the sessions, all attendees were invited to an Iftar dinner.