CIS Dinner 2017: “Time to Say Thank You!”

CIS Lebanon held a dinner on January 7th, 2017 at Phoenicia Hotel to celebrate the achievements of 2016.
Mr. Raymond Chammas, Chairman of CIS Group, began the ceremony with an inspiring speech:
“…I am asking every one of you, as Chairman of the CIS group of companies, to be aware of the obligations befallen on you and to respond with constant support, maturity, integrity, loyalty, and devotion to work.[…] Such an attitude, added to your competence and personality, will surely lead to a better performance and a more promising future for you and for the organization you belong to. We better prevent than cure. We need to protect what has been built, and for that, functioning as ONE company is a must; in spite of the fact that the group is constituted of more than 30 separate legal entities so Teamwork and Ethics are essential and I count on each of you to implement honesty, transparency and professional conscience.”

Following Mr. Chammas’ speech, Dr. Antoine Kareh, General Manager of CIS Group, shared some motivating words:
“We are in the middle of the Transformation Journey but we can and we will make the necessary changes both internally and externally to complete this transformation. […] Despite all the challenges in Africa and the Middle East, CIS is committed to achieve its vision, mission and goals. CIS strongly believes in its bet on the emerging markets of Africa and the Middle East. […] Resilient, committed and competent staff embracing a positive attitude and believing in teamwork is the basis of any success. We will endeavor in selecting and retaining such staff. I would like to thank you for your commitment and loyalty to CIS, you are the pillar of our success.”

After the speeches, everyone was invited to dine and then make their way to the dance floor. A “Galette des Rois” was held; where kings and queens were crowned on each table. Two lucky winners found the star-shaped kings hidden in their cakes, and each of them won an ounce of gold. Finally, all kings and queens gathered on stage for a memorable photo.

Group Photo