Discover London

HPE held its yearly event in London from the 29th of November till the 1st of December 2016, where more than 10,000 guests attended. Partners, IT Executives, Engineers and different specialists were invited to discover a unique digital transformation in the Technology World.

Cherished partners sponsored this event, from platinum ones such as AMD, VEEAM, VMware, and Wipro, to a diamond sponsor like HP and a gold sponsor – Intel. Seven valued customers were invited from different regions to participate in this event with full trip accommodation granted by CIS Group. Three of these clients were from Lebanon: Credit Bank – USEK – LAU and two from Africa: MTN & Orange.

In the words of Meg Whitman “…I truly believe that memory-driven computing has the potential to create the next inflection point in technology, the ability to capture, store and analyze massive amounts of data at speeds that are unthinkable today, and has the potential to transform everything from health care, to education, to transportation, to retail. The machine program is not only about the future in fact we believe in the machines technology so much that we are embedding them into our core technologies today”

Quotes from Meg Whitman on the Intelligent Edge

“Intelligent Edge is the frontier of the Hybrid world.”
“Intelligent Edge is not only connecting people, places and things, but a way to capture and analyze data in real time locally where that data is created.”
“Intelligent Edge is about creating business value which can come from three key experiences: work place experience, brand experience, and operational experience.”